Your Sedona Special

$100 1ST TIME



Experience YOUR

"Etherealiti ENERGY Healing Massage"

in the MAGIC of Sedona


90 Full Minutes of your natural state of bliss, rocking, unraveling, unwinding

deeply breathing, diving within

your inner sanctum of 

your body temple ~

Feeling buoyant, Being lighter,

Being taller, Feeling


Relaxed and Revived at THE SAME TIME


 Blending Sedona Esalen, Cranial Sacral, Polarity, Guided Meditation, personalizing your deep relaxation and soul stimulating Sedona experience.



$80 1st Time Client Special

Etherealiti Energy Healing Massage 

60 minutes of delightful Sedona Esalen long connecting movements, stretching, breathing, sound bowls, deep breath work, essential oils.


Sweetly Loving Your Tired Body,

Calming Your Busy Mind,

Savoring Your Spiritual Soul

this Splendid SPRING Season

in Sedona, AZ! 

Feeling New Again
with the warmth within your own
body temple!



♥   "Our body and emotional mind are the most complicated machines on the planet."  ~ Luana Joya Lucia
What is a conflict obstructing your inner peace?  Breathing in the positive of the opposing thought and knowing that you are fully safe no matter what your circumstance,  is tremendous while having your body physically motivated and directed lovingly by me,  consciously removing violent thoughts and receiving, implementing and securing peace as a replacement.

 "TWO" 60 minute Santi Sacred Sedona Radical Relaxation including Aromatherapy
 only $139!  (Reg. $180)

  "TWO" 90 minute Santi Sacred Sedona Radical Relaxation including
Aromatherapy only $189!  (Reg. $320)

  "TWO" 2 Hour Santi Sacred Sedona Radical Relaxation including   Aromatherapy only $279!  (Reg. $360)


Each Santi Sacred Sedona session includes a gentle,  yet,  softly deep abdominal reflexology, a Santa Lucia Indian Tribe Head and Face Accupressure,  Young Living Essential Oils,  and a lovely hot foot wrap seeping with moisture and dozens of high grade essential oils.

 ** Not including travel fee.  Call about out of town massage travel fee specials. Sedona,  Flagstaff,  Williams,  Jerome, Kauai, Spain?!! 

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