Santi Sedona Mind

imageMy philosophy about Ethereal Energy Healing Massage is likened to freeing prisoners within your body temple and this is all about your personal transformation, your evolution.  Change is inevitable and through the unique motion and movement I have created, along with coaching with your breathwork, vivid guided imagery and a safe place to land, you will melt into a distinct radical relaxation state unlike any other.  Enveloping your ENTIRE being as one is the recipe for your success.  Loving your soul is imperative with every touch and every breath we are gifted with, together.  Your cellular memory and DNA carry past experiences proven by science.  Together, we allow space in your body for violent thoughts or ideas, all negative experiences, past emotions and trauma TO ESCAPE.

Melting those emotions which have been built by untrue thoughts and other people's ideas, you will be feeling longer, being lighter, and looking ultimately younger ~ allowing your authentic self to return in all it's vibrancy, brilliance and glory.

 Feel  New  Again!  Within  Moments!

My intention has always been to assist people in edifying themselves, becoming better today then they were yesterday in all facets of their lives.  Emotionally, physically and even spiritually, make us who we are.  Together, with intense breathing, stretching, rocking and allowing, we envelop immediate transformation into your Santi Sacred Ethereal Energy Motion Session.

Understanding that information is essential, I seek profound ways of increasing my knowledge through study and personal experiences.  I recently have experienced an intense growth spurt .... physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, learning to release my 'old programs' which simply put, do not and some did not ever serve me.  I have created an advanced technique which I have introduced into the therapies and have seen a tremendous difference how the muscles and the entire body respond to this marvelous movement.

Relationships are imperative to me, enjoying them, and cultivating them into a higher vibration by first starting with myself.  I am extremely present with my life, enjoying the gift of the moment.  My clients can feel this sincere and authentic energy vibration throughout their massage session.

I am the mother of three 'men'.  My youngest son is an Army Medic, my middle son is a Marine and my oldest is a happy daddy.  Marlie and Lincoln were born recently into our family, gifting me the humble title of Grandma LuLu.  I reside in Sedona, AZ with a small tribe of felines and 2 pups who share my home with me.  I am currently creating a teaching model for the 'Santi Sacred Lucia Method'.



"Letting go is one of the highlights of our lives, as it tames and soothes our weary soul and stubborn muscles, OR taming and soothing the weary muscles and stubborn soul!  Either way, letting go adds a necessary pleasure and a distinct therapy to living every day of our precious and valuable lives."


~ Luana Joya Lucia, Your Santi Sacred Sedona Healing Arts Practitioner