Specialty Ethereal Energy Healing

Massages and Sessions




Pre-Natal Baby-N-You - $90 per hour

Swedish Esalen Energy Healing Massage - $115 per hour

Intuitive Healing Massage - $125 per hour

*Counseling thru body movement

Kundalini Spiritual Awakening - $150 per hour   

*Counseling thru childhood trauma and bodymovement


Raindrop Technique applying YOUNG LIVING Essential Oils - $85 per hour


All Other Treatments        

60 minutes   -    $90

75 minutes    -    $115                       

90 minutes    -    $140                       

120 minutes  -    $170

*Tip of the toe to knee FOOT salt/sugar scrub $10 extra with any therapy.
*Tip of the toe to crown BODY salt/sugar scrub $40 extra with any therapy.

All therapies include AROMATHERAPY ($30 value) applying Young Living Essential Oils,  Santa Lucia Tribal Head & Face Accupressure, and Spinal Balancing!

**Purchase 6 Healing Sessions and receive Free!  A savings of $90 to $170!

**Recommend  3  friends, and after they enjoy their Healing session, you receive a gift certificate for
an hour healing session
as a Thank You. 
Your Home, Your Office, Your Resort Suite:

        Within 10 miles Please Add On $25.00 to your session
       Within 20 miles Please Add On $40.00 to your session
       Within 30 miles Please Add On $50.00 to your session

*If more than one person receives a therapy session, there will be only 1 travel fee applied.

All Ages Welcome!  In vitro to 110! 

BIRTHDAYS  ~  Anniversaries  ~  GRADUATIONS  ~  Weddings  ~  PROMOTIONS  ~  Secretaries Day  ~  BOSSES DAY  ~  Retreats  ~  FAMILY REUNIONS   ~  Teacher's Appreciation Day  ~  HOLIDAYS  ~  Mother's Day  ~  FATHER'S DAY  ~  Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties  ~  'JUST TO SAY I LOVE YOU'  DAYS  ~  Friendship  ~  ENGAGEMENTS  ~  Picnics  ~  KEEPING SANITY DAYS  ~  Sabbaticals  ~              


 *In leiu of any refund (generally never requested), a gift certificate/certificates will be given so you can pass the lovely healing experience on!



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