Healing Testimonies

image"Having traveled the planet, I have received and enjoyed 100's of massages of all styles.  Without a doubt, because of Luana's passion, techniques, knowledge and information, she gives the most tremendous therapy I have ever encountered.  Her touch is loved by many."  - Dr. Cecilia Ross, Underwater photographer & Diver, Big Blue, Guam

"Liberating!  The laughter, the tears, the deep joy!  Thank you for your special gift of touch therapy!" - William Bell, Retired Engineer, The Beach in Portugal

"Your perfect massage felt like it reconnected every single fiber of my being.  Thank you!" 
- Dr. Craydon McDonald, Psychiatrist, Phoenix, AZ 

"As if Luana's warm, radiant, bubbly energy isn't already healing to be around, her talent for massage is among the best I've ever received.  She loves what she does and it shows!"  - Dr. Noreen Doran, Special Ed Teacher, Thornton, CO

"Enjoying my weekly session with Luana, allows time for me, to renew, to re-decorate my Temple so to speak.  Through her special knowing touch, her intuitive skill, and her informative energy philosophy, I know and feel I am in the best hands."  - Eleanore Foust, Secretary, Phoenix, AZ

"Luana is the Massage GODDESS!  There is something about the way she invites me to be at ease.  She has a technique of jostling my entire body and it makes me feel fluid.  I feel 'undone' when our therapy comes to a close.  I am no longer wrapped up in a bunch.  She creates an 'inside out' feeling which is freeing.  Much better than the turtle shell I was living in!"  - Lee Phelps, Pro Skater, Europe
"I drive twenty miles to see her every Monday night from a hard days work.  It is noticeable when I miss a session, due to the stress I generate during the week.  I resonate with her so well, better than any other trained facilitator.  I trust her with my body, mind and spirit.  Being in her care, I rejuvenate FULLY."  - Jean Bowman, VP Communications at American Express, Scottsdale, AZ

"Of all the masseuse's in the world I have experienced, Luana is in the top 2.  Her hands are warm.  They are like magnets. They just zero in on my soreness; just the right depth and circular movements that relax me like no other.  She is gifted with a great personality and techniques.  I feel like I float out of her healing casita like a feather, leaving me feeling like a million bucks!"  - Phil Corturo, Owner at Biltmore Pro Print, Carefree, AZ

"Luana Lucia, LMT with My Essence of Harmony Sacred Massage is an extremely professional Massage Practitioner.  I had the opportunity to receive a treatment from her and it was absolutely wonderful.  She has very strong healing hands.  After my massage I felt relaxed, revitalized and she was able to ease my tense sore muscles.  The massage lasted 90 minutes and it was the best 90 minutes I had this week."  - Maggie Kasparek, Fountain Hills, AZ 

"Luana Lucia is someone you require to know, both personally and professionally.  Having a massage is an intimate experience.  I must trust my facilitator.  I carry complete confidence with Luana Lucia.  After 4 days, I still feel new again!  - Leslie Osborne, International Travels, Phoenix, AZ

"Luana, I appreciate you giving me a great massage.  You're very professional and I am impressed, forever.  I've had over 100 massages in the past that were good, but yours was the best!"  - Dan Ferguson, Business Owner, Phoenix, AZ

"I had a problem with the Achilles tendon in my right foot.  I was doing exercises to stretch and it was still occasionally painful to walk.  I went to my 1st session with Luana and her skills helped release it for the first time in months.  I had a 2nd session with her and now the tendon is almost completely normal.  Luana is very gentle and intuitive about finding what your body needs, even if you don't tell her.  Seems like magic!"  - Dee Holmes, Phoenix, AZ

"I highly recommend Luana Lucia for massage therapy.  She is professional and always has the best interests of her clients first and foremost as the key to the success of her relationships with them."  - Sherry Anshara, Medical Intuitive, Scottsdale, AZ

"I have been a client of Luana's for over a decade.  She has seen me through some very stressful times.  Luana has helped me to keep my body healthy, while I was a principal of a school, adopted a special needs child and completed my doctorate.  Luana was there to work the stress out of my body.  I don't think I could have survived without her.  Life can be stressful.  Luana will not only help you to survive, she will make sure you thrive!" 
- Dr. Shelby Jasmer, EdD, Phoenix, AZ 

"Luana exudes deep joy while she practices special energy therapy to facilitate in the letting go of my baggage that I had lugged around for years.  Her method balances my body and soul in many facets.  I love my series of massages with this therapist!"  - Bandito Garcia, Artist, Scottsdale, AZ

"Luana gifts me with one of the most wonderful massages I have ever experienced each time I have a session with her.  She is terrifically skilled at finding the energy blocks and freeing up the energy flow within.  She enjoys her work and she is good at it which is a terrific formula for a successful massage."  - John Chuchman, Author, Lake Michigan, MI 

s!  Inspiring!  Freedom!"  - Amy Troy, News Anchor, Portland, OR 

"I have had many, many massages in my time and there are not many better than Luana! She's so powerful in holding the space for healing and transformation.  I love the work Luana does!!!"  - Therese Skelley, Business Coach, Scottsdale, AZ 

"Luana provides a truly transformative massage experience. Her skill and attention to detail on every muscle in the body, along with her genuine care, is evident and allows me to relax and rejuvenate completely.  I can honestly say I have never had a better massage experience!"  - Matthew, City of Phoenix Leader, Phoenix, AZ 

"I have the pleasure of visiting Luana fairly often the last 4 years, but not often enough.  I'd go every week if I could, and I know she could make that happen.  She has a true passion for her line of work and it shows.  I'm a hair stylist and am on my feet all day.  I constantly have my arms in the forward raised position. After my massages I feel taller and lighter both physically and mentally.  She'll talk to you the whole time if you want and be almost a therapist, or if you prefer a quiet time she has no problem being silent the whole 90 minutes. Oh yeah 90 minutes, 60 just isn't enough!  Also, she offers packaged deals online and I just love to know I have massage credits in a stockpile ready to use at my leisure.  I recommend her to everyone." - Adele LaVoie, Hair Salon Owner, Phoenix, AZ 

"Luana Joya Lucia!  What a name, what a passion, what a gentle force, and what a session!  I loved it so much I bought a package the 1st time in.  She is tapping into my energy field with a movement like no other.  Intense!  Powerful!  Holistic!"  - Jupiter Smythe, Life Enthusiast



"I am more than pleased and honored that imagemy clients experience freedom during and after our work together.  The Etherealiti Energy Healing Massage you will experience sets the stage for your blood, energy and oxygen to flow smoothly throughout your entire body temple, clearing your mind and freeing those emotional prisoners.
Your cells, molecules, and organs will feel alive!   It is imperative that you immediately feel the non-judgemental experience, allowing your deep joy and 'in charge' attitude to surface" as you melt away your indecision, fear and worry.  This therapy can be as intense or relaxing, according to your body and how it responds." 
~ Luana Lucia, Your Santi Sacred Sedona Healing Arts Practitioner