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Luana Lucia, Founder/Practitioner of  is a dedicated fan of JAZZ ... old, new + future will do ;)  I have a friend in Mindi Abair and visit her when I can. 

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Luana Lucia, Founder/Practitioner of is looking forward to purchasing her first ever girl motorcycle from the world reknowned   Either a harley OR a vespa from   I am also a proud member of an awesome & exciting family called 

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Luana Lucia, Founder/Practitioner of enjoys being on has proven to be a tremendous networking source.  Join and see for yourself!  If you are currently one of my clients, I encourage you to give me a testimonial and share your benefits with others.

Luana Lucia, Founder/Practitioner of is a lover of Young Living Oils found at  I haven't come across anything purer or more of a joy to apply on my clients skin.  The aromas are exceedingly beautiful and potent.  Ask ahead of your scheduled appointment if I have your favorite scent.

Luana Lucia, Founder/Practitioner of is a Proud Member and Ambassador for The North Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce and the   I am networking like a mad woman sharing my talents/skills and receiving many contacts for personal business as well!  Making great friends, creating terrific business opportunities and allowing many people to enjoy an awesome Massage Therapy is what I am all about.

Luana Lucia, Founder/Practitioner of is the Co-Facilitator for the Economics Resource Network Group at every other Thursday from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm. We are a group of highly talented Professionals whom are either unemployed, seeking a desired position or are employed, and creating networking to gain new clients/business.

Luana Lucia, Founder/Practitioner of is still a fan of my first school where I learned the basics of my fabulous career! is a growing community of like-minded people and I have stayed connected with the friends/colleagues/instructors over the years.



Luana Lucia, Founder/Practitioner of is an admirer of Big Sur, California which is the home to The Esalen Institute  Swedish Esalen is one of my favorite techniques because it sets the stage for the blood, energy and oxygen to move smoothly instead of staying stagnent. Enjoy a short video of various Swedish Esalen movements and then schedule your therapy session to experience it yourself!

Luana Lucia, Founder/Practitioner of is a 'tickled pink' sponsor and advocate for  Please consider donating a brand new pair of pajamas to fit birth to 18 year olds with a nice book of appropriate age to pajama size to wear/read before these beautiful children go to bed each night.  This is one of my favorite charities!

Luana Lucia, Founder/Practitioner of is a happy camper living in Phoenix, AZ  visit this site to get a great idea about our more than fair city if you don't know about it already!

Luana Lucia, Founder/Practitioner of was discovered by  several months ago.  Google is very prestigeous, you think?

Luana Lucia, Founder/Practitioner of is a Chase Bank Rewards Fan  or  plus my youngest son works for Chase.  My son used to work at

Luana Lucia, Founder/Practitioner of applies YoungLivingOils to your therapy of choice.  Find some yummy smelling and powerful essential oils and let me know, I can get them for you nearly wholesale! 

Luana Lucia, Founder/Practitioner of utilizes and and and for my Massage Therapy Practice here in Sedona, AZ, 86351.

"Please feel free to apply any of these businesses
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Supporting and edifying each other
 creates a tighter knit to our global fabric...
thus, creating the ALLNESS". 
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Luana Lucia from Loves, loves, loves, to get updates on the 'what's happening in Sedona'.
Luana Lucia from proudly promotes to see our lovely city LIVE.  Is that a bird or a plane or a VORTEX awakening ... OH MY!
Luana Lucia from loves where I am promoted! Rate and review me there: Santi Sacred Sedona Healing Arts 
Luana Lucia from loves  where I am promoted!  Rate and review me there:  Santi Sacred Sedona Healing Arts