Cellular Memory-DNA

"Just Because You Have Your Parents
'Genes', Doesn't Mean You Have
To Wear Them!" - Luana Joya Lucia

Is your Health Healthy??!
An AMAZING & ENLIGHTENING way of curing the unhealthy way
of your well-being from your inside out is this potent energy
technique I have created while dancing my own dance
and integrating what I have learned from other
talented Energy Practitioners. Literally,
directing your cells into harmony;
starting with your way of
   'thinking' and 'feeling'                 
  right down to your
                                                            personal DNA! 

Sometimes we allow ourselves to take on other people's problems.  Coupled with our own issues we drag around, we are pulling many wagons!  I call this 'issues in the tissues'.  What we THINK and how we FEEL about ideas (yours or mine), experiences (yours or mine), the present, past
and future (yours or mine), are IN our minds; thus, in our bodies, emotionally creating either HARMONY (a balanced blood pressure, calmness, feelings of safety, connectness, love) OR
is it creating CHAOS ( high blood pressure, rigidness, anxiety, depression, insecurities.)
Shake Off The Monkey On Your Back
Whether it be from moving furniture, or that 'old baggage', the same 'mold',
aka same old,  that is clinging on to you like the monkey on your back, 
you deserve to feel light and breezy, only Deep Joy!
Santi Sacred Sedona Healing Arts guarantees you
to feel pounds lighter, inches taller and look years younger because you will shed
 and dismiss your baggage....perhaps decades worth!  With your complete willingness
and conscious special breathing techniques, this Ethereal Energy experience is designed to
 release the tension you have 'collected'.  

son and I were recently on Sherry Anshara's Radio Show talking about his
 and my experience with his bout and turn around regarding the Iraqi War
before, during and after his deployment.
Please listen to the radio show and I encourage you to call me and talk with me
 about your thoughts, OR better yet, set up an appointment for an excellent
 Massage Session and experience this for yourself.


This method that I am learning will impact you and every facet of your life including emotionally, spiritually, physically and intellectually.

My son, Lance Corporal Justin Thomas Webb is on YouTube

  sharing his experience with PTSD and what he did to
help combat his ailment of dis-ease, sleeplessness,
fear and sadness, worry, and suicidal thoughts. 
Intuitive Energy Therapy works,
backed with verbal communication
and physical bodywork.  
Luana & Justin T. Webb
Mother + Son

This is a picture of my son Justin and I on a mama/son date to the George Benson autograph party shortly after his session at QuantumPathic.  My life would NEVER
be the same if he didn't receive help at Quantum Pathic Center of Consciousness. 
In the therapies I share with my clients I have a method called 'counseling thru
bodywork' which is similar to this method that I share with my clients with
the intention that nobody will loose a member of their family to the
imprisonment that depression demands.



      "I had been back in the states [from the Iraqi War] for a   few months and it seemed as though my whole life, in every   aspect and category, was slowly starting to spiral out of control. I was unable to cope with the daily stresses of life . . . I was trying to get help through the VA for my recently developed PTSD, but the waiting list was almost a year long. It was as if the light at the end of the tunnel had turned into a black hole with no way out but the "thoughts" of suicide.

Sherry facilitated a 1-hour session with me using the QuantumPathic Energy Method and from that night on, my whole outlook on life shifted.  A few weeks later, I participated in one of Sherry’s courses, Intuitive Powers/Practical Applications I. 

A whole new realm had opened up in front of me, and the only thing I had to do was apply the simple methods and knowledge into my life. Suicide was no longer an option; it has never crossed my mind again. I became a whole new person, an overall positive guy. The key to success lies directly within our cells.

It is our choice to take it or leave it.”

- Lance Corporal Justin T. Webb